A Global Community of
Brilliant Companies that have Sustainability & Positive Impact
in Mind

The Myth Movement

A digital community for businesses that are mindful about the impact of their activities towards the environment and society.

We are a galaxy of stellar companies that align to inspire one another and co-create to grow and give back to the world. We strive to amplify the impact of our businesses through joining forces in collaborations and projects for good causes.

Myth Stellar members support each other through partnerships and collaborations, bringing in expertise from different business sectors, education and experience sharing.

Who is a Myth Stellar?

A small or medium size company that offers exquisite products or services and that place environment and society at the core of its values. Stellars are creators in pursuit of a better world. Whether it is expressed through their lens, words, designs, craftsmanship, services, creation of objects big or small, from personal goods to skyscrapers!

Myth community members are stellar because they are simply second to none.

At Myth, we are selective of what we produce and offer consumers without giving up the qualities of life by limiting consumption and choices. True well-being lies in being close to the limitless possibilities nature has to offer and conserving them for future generations.

MYTH stands for the values of our Community:

MMINDFUL of making a positive impact in the society and environment.

YYOU have a cause and to make a bigger impact, we need YOU to become one of us!

TTIMELESS products and services that are sustainable over time.

HHARMONY of a collective well-being, and that of everything around us.

Our Impact

A community that sets out to grow sustainable businesses.

We help environmentally and socially responsible companies grow strategically and operate sustainably. We are committed to contribute towards a positive impact to this world by empowering innovative and creative minds to grow stronger.

Myth gathers the best businesses from different sectors and places brilliant minds into a unique galaxy, that share the same values and goals in sustainability without compromising style, quality or being able to indulge in the luxurious experiences in life.

Co-existing under the same sky yet each of us have our own orbits and paths, makes each community member a stellar (and figuratively, representing excellence).

Benefits of being part of the Myth community

Get Advice

Lend a Hand

Learn & Exchange

Stay Connected

Innovate & Collaborate

Global Network

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If you are interested in becoming part of our community, please provide us with your details below so we can get in touch with you to understand your business and goals and explore whether Myth is the right community for you.


Myth is a catalyst for innovation and growth. Being a Stellar means being part of a melting pot of cultural, cross-industry exchanges that stimulate ideas and opportunities for your business.

Stellar Insider

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Stellar Insiders benefit from everything that a Stellar has, plus exclusive access to premium content and getting into the heart of activities that will help grow your business through this network.

Check out our Membership brochure for more details about the benefits of being a Stellar.

Myth Team

We are a multi-cultural team currently based in Spain, having lived in Ecuador, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Monaco and Switzerland, with expertise in multiple disciplines such as communication, marketing, market research, business analytics, project management, strategic planning…you name it!

Get to know more about us, and find out what other services we provide in addition to the Myth community!


Passionate about aesthetics and design. With years of experience in the Travel industry, Carolina helps companies to reach their goals with meaningful marketing and communication strategies. She loves transmitting the stories behind brands through message development, visuals and experiences. Enthusiastic about making conscious businesses grow by building human connections and strong sustainable relationships with their customers. She’s known for conceptualizing and executing innovative ideas that turn into tangible results.

In constant creation mode, her inspiration comes from diverse places, cultures, and people from around the world. A believer of intuition and authenticity, something that gives her a special eye for capturing uniqueness.

‘I am constantly looking for doing things right and surround myself with people that inspire me to do more. It is in this path that I found my dream: Myth, a space where my imagination flows, and where I get inspired from motivated human beings who see unlimited ways to contribute the world.’


Grew up wanting to be on a mission to save the planet, somehow ended up in the business world. Amber is passionate about promoting sustainable and ethical consumption. This inspired her into creating Myth, to set off that mission by helping meaningful businesses do what they do best for longer and grow stronger. By working with people around the world, from executives to executors, whilst she cannot read minds (yet!) she truly understands your perspective.

Amber has years of experience building a business community from scratch, raising it to a global expert group with over 500 members. She’d say that getting the right people and mindset with a common goal since the get go is by far most important. Oh, and it has to be fun!

A problem solver and data nerd. Give her a bunch of data and she’ll come up with an analysis, process enhancements or even a new project. This led her to become a core member of a governance and business strategy group, bringing fact driven approaches to every situation.