One of the most heard questions from small business owners that we have spoken to, is how to figure out marketing on social media as a small business without a dedicated social media manager, or the resources to splash out on paid ads. Is it worth fighting the forever changing algorithms? Are there any alternatives to relying on Facebook and Google ads? What can businesses do on the virtual space to engage with customers, and grow loyalty?

In today’s So Holistic Club we caught up with Pete Davis, CEO of Ampjar – a company that helps small businesses market their brands through Karmic Marketing. Pete, being an experienced marketer saw the potential for small businesses to grow their audience focusing on marketing with karma, lifting others up and growing together with others in a non-competitive way.

Check out our conversation, where we walk through some tips in digital marketing from Pete, and his take on why Karmic Marketing works well for small to medium sized entities (referred to as SME below).

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To celebrate our launch, Myth has a partnership with Ampjar so that our community members can try out Karmic Marketing with Ampjar without being strictly bounded to 12 shoutouts a month, for three months, between 24 February – 24 May 2021.

Use this link to take advantage of our offer.

*Please note that at the moment Ampjar supports small businesses that are either based in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, or any company in the world that ships worldwide, including these four countries.

Jump to the key topics of your interest with the index below
Time (“min.sec”)Key Topic
4.25-8.22Strategy for digital & social media marketing for small/medium sized sustainable businesses.
9.24-15.52Three tips for small/medium sized businesses to be more successful in the digital space: 1. Power of storytelling; 2. Email marketing; 3. How to play the social media game.
15.52-20.12What is Karmic Marketing and how can SMEs enrich their digital marketing content through this approach.
20.12-23.27How Ampjar facilitates Karmic Marketing for SME to expand their reach.
23.27-26.02The difference between small brands promoting each other versus working with an influencer. Which is more effective for SME?
26.02-31.30Examples and tips of how Karmic Marketing works on IG stories.
31.30-41.14Checking out the Ampjar platform. Getting onboard, finding brands to shoutout, tracking exposure, how much time should I spend?
41.33-48.12Tips on applying Karmic Marketing on Emails & Post-Checkout Pages.

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