There is a saying that “A Brand is a reason to choose”. If that were to be true, it is a subconscious super weapon that seeps into our mind and defines how we perceive a company and its products.

In today’s So Holistic Club we caught up with Emily Santos, the founder of Santos & Co. Emily is a branding strategist that helps conscious businesses amplify this super weapon by building a human brand. If you ever wondered whether branding strategies that large companies use are compatible with small or medium sized entities, or what it takes to build a brand from scratch, today’s session will provide insights to those thoughts.

Emily shares her methodology and thought process on what she considers the strategy that will connect conscious businesses with their ideal customers.

The webinar is approximately 34 minutes. In a hurry? You can use the index to jump to the key topics of your interest (here)

Behind the amicable smile and friendly chat lives a strategic and smart young women that has chosen to work uniquely with companies that have a cause and a mission. Emily is also a Myth Stellar! If you’re curious to get to know more about how all of this came along, check out her Stellar Story here!

Jump to the key topics of your interest with the index below
Time (“min.sec”)Key Topic
4.25-7.42The ONE strategy your business needs for conscious businesses with a mission to inspire. Why you need a different approach than large businesses?
7.58-12.00How do you integrate this strategy into your branding?
12.00-17.06Why is it so important to position yourself in the market with a branding strategy? How can you differentiate from others?
17.06-21.55How can we transmit concise and important messages without losing the essence?
22.15-27.50What is the process like when Emily starts to work with a business with her methodology?
29.55-31.35Go through a little exercise with Emily and Carolina to experience how the creative process is like!
31.35-34.25Main takeaways

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