When stars align, amazing things happen. That is why Myth calls for Stellar gatherings from time to time, both virtually and in-person.

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Pilot Stellar Meet Up

28 Jan 2021

After months of preparation, we cannot wait to host our first Stellar meet up under the umbrella of our So Holistic Club!

The purpose of the club is to meet in an informal environment over a meal or drink to get to know each other more. We would like to start by introducing the network of brilliant minds we’ve met thus far along this mystical journey. In the future we will also invite Myth partners to talk to us about topics that will bring value to your businesses.

Our first meeting will be on 28 January 2021 (1900h Central European Time), exclusively for our pilot Stellars. For those based in Madrid, we will meet over a light nibble, and for Stellars joining us virtually, please feel free to have your breakfast/lunch/dinner or just a huge glass of wine to toast to the occasion! Please see below for registration and details.

See you soon!
Amber & Carolina