Myth started off by two individuals inspired by fascinating sustainable businesses and the difference they made to our lives. We would like to share the stories of Myth Stellars, that inspire us to do more every day. If after reading their amazing stories you would like to collaborate with a Stellar, let us know through the quick form at the end of the article!

Stellar Stories: NIKIN

NIKIN’s story inspires us in a way that nothing is too small to start with. Two friends, 5000 Swiss Francs and big dreams was all it took for this sustainable fashion streetwear brand to be firecely impactful. NIKIN is focused on making a positive shift towards innovative & sustainable material and advocates for the preservation of nature.

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Stellar Stories: Alm

Alm is not only a skincare brand, but a life principle to encourage us to go out there and look for the essence in life, care about what really matters and retain the most important things. Read about the amazing story behind the brand!

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